Born in 1960's.

With 2 stroke engine. 

Body style of this thing is classic.

Roaring of this classic  machine is head turner.

This is kind of Motorcycle for which some people dedicated there whole life.

Some JAWA lover are so passionate about this that they can give up anything for this beauty.
The bike has a class and appeal which makes it to the hearts of the people who still remember riding it in the 80's and 90's.
Yezdi Roadking is in huge demand among youngsters even today, as it gives a heritage and royal look after few modifications and upgradation.

You would not find much about this but trust me its a one heck of a ride . Its one of my personal favorite bike.

Lets start with HISTORY of JAWA in INDIA.

JAWA motorcycles were introduced in India in the 1960's and they have a clique following to this present day. Production was carried out directly in India by Ideal Jawa India Ltd based out of Mysore starting in the early 60s.It was a year when jawa colaborated with ideal jawa company .that was time when indian roads were dominated by scooters and bullets..
To wrestle  against bullet jawa focus its motorcycle against youth with a tag line "FOREVER BIKE FOREVER VALUE".
 Earlier models were manufactured in Czechoslovakia and bore the CZ Jawa emblem on the side of the fuel tank. The locally manufactured models always had O within the Jawa emblem. During the years 1961 to 1985 put up a good performance and achieved good profitability levels. The peak capacity utilisation was 85% with 36,000 vehicles on a capacity of 42,000 vehicles per annum. The collusion agreement with JAWA of Czech which, amid other things provided stable shot of technical wisdom from the said collaborator finished in 1968, by that time JAWA had well-established an in house competence for attaining totally indigenous manufacturing technology and also design of vehicles known under the brand name of "YEZDI".

This bike was having some really good elements  . LIGHT WEIGHT , COMFORTABLE , THROATY ROAR ,TWIN EXHAUST  , UNIQUE BODY STYLE , TANK PADDING , ROUGHED BODY , SEMI-AUTO Clutch these were the thing which inclined  Southern Indian for this bike
Being a fuel guzzler, it's not the best bike the country has ever seen. In the world of Harleys and KTMs, it is surely not. 

Some model of yezdi:

Jawa 250 Type 353/04 Kyvacka called 'A' Type                    
Yezdi 250 'B' Type
Yezdi 250 Oilking  'C' Type
Yezdi 250 Roadking 'C' Type
Yezdi D250 Classic 'D' Type
Yezdi 250 CL II 'D' Type
Yezdi B250 Deluxe 'D' Type
Yezdi 250 Deluxe 'D' Type
Yezdi 250 Roadking 'C' Type
Yezdi 175 
Yezdi 175 Deluxe 
Jawa / Yezdi 350 Twin
Yezdi 250 Monarch 'C' Type
Yezdi 250 Supersprint

Jawa 50 Jet 'A' Series
Yezdi 60 Jet 'B' Series
Yezdi 60 Jet 'C' Series
Yezdi 60 Colt
Yezdi 60 Colt Deluxe

Yezdi was laid to rest in 1995.
The main reason behind the company's crash was labor trouble and rising levels of pollution control norms which were making the two stroke bikes that the company produced outmoded.
Japanese technology entered the Indian market through joint ventures.With the advent of Yamaha and Honda in India, these bikes lost their status as Yezdi's were heavier and in some cases slower with lesser fuel efficiency.
 The market saw lot of new 100 cc bikes which were more fuel efficient and easy to ride.Ideal Jawa was having a blind eye. It refused to accept the realities. When the consumer attitudes changed, Jawa refused to change . Customers wanted Bikes that offered mileage, style and comfort. Japanese bikes provided all that. This period also showed the shift of Indian consumers from scooters to motorcycles.
Yezdi had serious mechanical issues, especially the starting trouble. One had to pump about 20 times to get that machine started. It had no chance before the peppy new generation Japanese bikes.
Yezdi realised this late and came out with some design changes and new launches like 175, Monarch, Deluxe, Road Kings and CL II which had a new styling. But it was too late.
Yezdi has now faded in to the annals of history.

models of yezdi

facts files
  • Deepak Kamath and G.H. Basavaraj were the first Indians to circumnavigate the globe riding a Roadking and scored a world record for the same. With a 250cc and non-availability of GPS, it was anything but believable!

  • A rally is held on the second Sunday of July every year and International Jawa Yezdi Day is celebrated . There are many Jawa Yezdi clubs across India organizing group rides, events and rallies. Yezdi transformed itself into a cult and even today, a Yezdi RoadKing in good condition will easily fetch more then a hundred thousand rupees

  • Ideal Jawa (India) Ltd also supplied many of the models in 61 countries around the world which includes Turkey, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Egypt and others.
  •  Yezdi Roadkings was exported for the Police of  Guatemala with white colour .
  • Some model was also  exported to Venezuela which was named as Yezdi 250 MT (Mountain Terrain).



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