Royal Enfield | Enfield Motorcycle | MADE LIKE A GUN GOES LIKE A BULLET


The brand with the tag of oldest Motorcycle brand which is still in Production.

This Brand caters to the audience who don't care much about Up gradation.

The Brand which doesn't offer a lot of features loaded Motorcycle but they offer the feel which no other bike can give.

There is only one thing bigger than the bullet, The pride of owning one!

"It's a King that is  meant to rule all, no matter what you pit against it."
Its a god like a Machine.
Don't have much to say about it.


If you are kind of person who is ready to explore the length and breadth of any place what could be a better choice than "BULLET".
Bulletiers Don't care about loosening up of few nut and bolts because the wrench will teach you more about your machine.

With that in context, let's thump it up

Classic 500
The next best thing between a man’s legs – Royal Enfield.

Riding enfield motorcycle is pride for every Indian rider.
Enlfied is not just Motorcycle it's like a religion.
Nothing can bring a charm of riding Old school motorcycle like Old Bullet.

If you are riding a bullet people will assume you are biker at heart.
These Magical machine is not something smooth, nothing is perfect but the joy of these old school Motorcycle when you sit on them and opens the throttle they shake, they don't brake, they don't corner that is a real fun of riding these Enfield motorcycle.

Yeah None of the Royal Enfield Motorcycle is 100% perfect they leak oil, they break down, they don't start easily, it doesn't offer you very basic features like rear disc breaks, fuel indicator, leave about ABS, still price of Enfield Motorcycle is so high.

BUT don't miss the fact that its most selling bike in 200+ cc segment.
It's not the best bike in term of feature, power, reliability but people still want it.

Enfield don’t leak oil they mark their territory.

"There was fact back then that if you are a rider with lots of riding experience then only you can graduate to bullet bike".

Every time a rider ride their old Enfield Motorcycle they fell like they riding it for the first time because she will behave in a different manner with different issues. It takes many years to understand your machine.
Once you love your Enfield you will never unlove it. It never becomes an ex, it stays with you till the very end.
people who consider Enfield as their soul. Thump of this beast is the best music for Bulletiers.

Those who dedicated there life for Royal Enfield.

Bullet is something beyond words.
There are so many individuals who dedicated there life 2nd generation 3rd generation to this motorcycle.
There people who dedicated there life for Bullets, they are working day in day out at fuck all places with bad compensation and with no recognition they are old they are dying they are tiered.
These people kept 45-50 years old Engines still breathing on Indian roads.
That what bullet is for India.

What i am going to say is illogical but yeah its truth Bullet is Royal Enfield's motorcycle but for Indians Bullet is company if can get it what i am trying to say.
Doesn't really matters be it be Bullet, be it be Classic, Be it be thunder bird people calls it as Bullet.

INTERESTING FACTS About Royal Enfield.

1. Royal Enfield sold about 25000 bikes annually in 2001, . Now it sells more than 30,000 bikes in a month.

2. Royal Enfield Bullet (Standard) is the longest running motorcycle still in production.

3. Royal Enfield exports its motorcycles to 42 countries around the world including US, Japan and Germany.

4. All the Royal Enfield bike tanks are hand painted by just two craftsmen in their manufacturing plant in Chennai.



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