Yahama RX100| An Iconic Indian 2 Stroke Legend

Every adolescent or grown-up guy want to ride Yamaha RX100
RX100 was a symbol of masculinity and being free-spirited, and hence became an evergreen icon.
It was one of those 2 stroke bikes which could put a big smile on anybody’s face. It has become a "classic cult".
We have many 4 stroke machine which has accelerating riding experience but 2 stroke engines are pure love.
Legends like Rx 100 comes across once in a lifetime there is nothing which can match up.
Yahama RX 100
Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride.

RX 100 was and will be "Prince Charmingamongst 2 stroke bike with its simplistic yet ageless design, Immortal yet powerful character. Its simple designing is still standing down the line.     

RX100 was born in 1985 Since then this motorcycle still continues to rule our heart.
A bike which was in production from 1985 to 1996 but continues to captivate in mind and heart of biker to this very day.  
The motorcycle which offers performance so explosive that some race conductor resorted to opening up the engine to make sure that it is 100 cc bike.
The bike was powered by 2 stroke 98 cc engine which was capable to churn out the max power of 11 bhp and 10.39nm of torque with 4-speed gearbox, this coupled with a mere weight of 98 kg made sure that the bike didn’t just run but rather flew over the streets.

The engine of this bike is so responsive you just need to slot the bike into the gear open the throttle and you can see a trail of smoke behind you and the music you will get from this 2 stroke engine will be a symphony. Shift a gear up rev this mini rocket and will get a feeling of an eagle is soaring in the cloud without limitations. This motorcycle can evoke the true feeling of freedom, and the desire to go faster.
The ergonomics were very Simple which makes it nimble in traffic and street. The exhaust note was throaty enough to make the adrenaline flow, as the speedometer climbs up.    

new Yahama RX 100
Yamaha RX 100

This bike is nostalgic. Those who are born in the '80s or '90s born up listening to the loud screaming engine. This Bike will give you a peepy ride which no other 100cc motorcycle can give you ever.

Due to its minimal design it offers a lot of customization option. RX 100 has been an ideal canvas for tuners - sprocketing, tunning, expansion chamber changes, air filter changes, Carburetor change, piston change, wheel upsizen name it and bike could handle it all.

Modified Yahama RX 100
Modified RX 100

But the good thing to come to an end...
the reason why this legend left was strong emission norms due to which 2 stroke era came to an end. it's bad that we cannot buy a new one experience to the joy of firing it up.

Latest Rx 100 which you could get would we at least 20 years old...
It's surprising that one you could get in good condition would more that costlier than its original price or maybe twice or thrice more than that. 
It is one of the most in-demand second-hand bikes in India market.



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